Certified Forum Facilitator, YPO

Anesh has designed and delivered Leadership Programs for CEO’s, Directors and C-suite audiences since 2007 resulting in positive business outcomes - increase in revenue, higher engagement and a culture of peak performance.

He has a broad range of experience helping organisations to achieve their people and talent strategy from; supporting the design and delivery of leadership development programmes; leading large-scale assessment projects to identify and develop future leaders and working with clients to drive employee engagement and create a more inclusive culture.

Private Banking Background

Born and brought up in Kuwait, Anesh Jagtiani has worked in the Middle East his entire career. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in International Business, Finance and Economics from the University of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Anesh worked in the Private Banking industry for 14 years managing portfolios of high net worth investors who had at least $5 million to invest. He was with ABN AMRO Bank and then Vice President of Deutsche Bank managing client assets of $200 million consisting of equities, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, currencies and private equity.

YPO Member Testimonials

"Your deep knowledge in psychology and research gave the training a 360 degree approach and I really enjoyed Forum Fundamentals."

Michele Jabra, Managing Director, Société Jabra

"Thank you for the great Moderator Leadership training session. I learned a lot."

Moez Sacoor, Co-Founder, Sacoor Brothers

"Thank you for the wonderful workshop. It surely has been a great learning experience and an amazing support emotionally." 

Payal Shahdapuri, Forum Member

Average CFF Rating

"Thanks for your training, facilitation and energy today. I’m confident that this will help me going forward, within and outside YPO!."

Tom Verkooijen, CEO, Renoir Consulting

"It was an intense and brilliant two days of learning and self reflection. Thank you for this extremely rewarding experience."

Karishma Bhansali Mehta, Founder, As We Speak

"Thank you Anesh for a great experience and for your dedication and excellence. I learned a lot from Forum Fundamentals."

Gassan Al Kibsi, Managing Partner, McKinsey & Co

YPO Certification

Forum Moderation

Forum Fundamentals is a full day programme that enhances the value you receive from being a Forum member. It is designed to give a new member a solid foundation in Forum principles and protocols. It will equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools you need to be a successful Forum member and quickly integrate fully into your Forum experience

The Forum Moderator & Leadership Development is a full-day workshop for Forum Moderators where they will gain leadership skills rooted in Forum protocols and practices. These skills will prepare to examine how the Forum currently functions, take fresh ideas back and develop a plan to take its experience to a higher level.

Forum Supercharge is a full-day workshop where Anesh will work with the complete forum to help the members raise their game and build forum health. He will customise the workshop around the results of the Forum survey and design four-five modules of content.


Experiential exercises and discussion topics in retreats for members can include Life transitions and stages (how to look at and successfully manage transformative change), Relationships (improving the ones that are important),  Identity, balance and fulfillment (is the life you're living true to your values?), Leadership (unique ways of examining leaders' strengths and talents as well as areas for ongoing development, Blind spots (what are you not seeing that's blocking you from what you want to achieve?), Mission and legacy (aspirations of "what's next" in one's professional career and personal journey.)

Mastering Conflict Resolution

Quarterly Training for Moderators Worldwide

Get in Touch: anesh@aneshjagtiani.com | +9 71 50 459 04 29

Global Forum Launches

May I say that I was immensely impressed with your ability to hold such an intense training programme with not only deep knowledge of your subject and commitment towards everyone’s growth but most of all the humility that you exhibit both at a personal and professional level . You really walk the talk in every aspect.

Kriti Walia, YPO Member

Network Forum Launch

"Thank you Anesh.  It was a very valuable experience.  My forums will benefit greatly from the ideas exchanged."

Gregory Schnackel, CEO, Schnackel Engineers

"Forums are the heart and soul of YPO. Surprising insightful, I felt actually enriched by today’s session. Thank you Anesh"

Luiz Mazzali, CEO, Saccade Capital Limited

" I hope as time goes on I am able to articulate my feelings and self reflect as well as you do. I’m look forward to your next session."

Lauren Perry, Founder, Recruiting Partners

TV Anchor

He was the anchor of a TV show called TOP GUNS where he interviewed 12 of the most successful Indian entrepreneurs on television to learn about their secrets to success, how to thrive when the economy is tough and how to scale a successful business.

He interviewed Micky Jagtiani (Founder of Landmark), Rizwan Sajan (Founder of Danube), Yogesh Mehta (Founder of Petrochem), Sanjiv Mehta (Chairman of Hindustan Lever), Rajeev Kakar (Founder of Fullerton Financial Holdings) and many others.

"Anesh took the time to understand the group personality and walk us through the forum fundamentals in clear and precise manner." 

Kumar Verma, Managing Director, Scholars International Group

"Thank you for the very good session. I walked in with an expectation of understanding structure and you achieved the outcome. Thank you for your authenticity."

Manoj Madnani, CEO, DSA Group of Companies

"Thank you so much for the wonderful Moderator Leadership training. You were amazing."

Naaz Fancy, Board Member, YPO Gold Pakistan

Get in Touch: anesh@aneshjagtiani.com | +9 71 50 459 04 29

YPO for Teens

"We all felt a connection post the meet. It would not have been possible without your help.”

Niral Mehta, Managing Director, The Source Diamonds

“Appreciate all your time and effort. It was a very well run day, where time really flew by. The learnings and insights you have provided will definitely help the cohorts get value from their forums.” 

Sanjay Narang, Director, FSIME Construction

"Thank you for facilitating the meeting so smoothly! You were amazing Anesh."

Ramy Torbey, Managing Partner, Eptalex-Aziz Torbey Law Firm

"Very nice Forum Supercharge session Anesh. You were very impactful. ”

Marwan Elaraby, Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP 

“That was a great session Anesh. Thank you.” 

Navin Valrani, CEO, Arcadia Education

"Thank you for the very informative session."

Bassem Terkawi, Advisory Board Member, Global Millenial Capital