About Anesh Jagtiani

Anesh Jagtiani is the Founder of Resilience Consulting. He has 28 years of experience in consulting and leadership development in the GCC market. He has designed and delivered programs for senior leaders of organizations in the areas of Strategic thinking, Resilient leadership and Innovation, resulting in an increase in revenue, higher engagement and more positivity in teams. 

He is also a Certified Forum Facilitator for the Young President’s Organization (YPO) which has a network of 28,000 senior leaders in 130 countries.  He trains and coaches CEO’s on scaling the business and accelerating human capital.

What does Resilience Consulting do?

Resilient organizations plan and invest for disruption, and can adapt, endure, and rebound quickly in a way that enables them to not only to succeed in its aftermath, but also to lead the way to a “better normal”.

We help senior leaders in organizations build a resilient culture through the hierarchy of resilience encompassing Personal, Organisational, Sector Resilience.

How we do it?

We help organisations and senior team leaders "Reimagine Resilience" through Learning Journeys that encompass the mindset and behaviours of being purpose driven, building stakeholder trust, delivering resilient leadership and confronting uncertainty head on to embrace creative disruption.

The starting point for organisations would be to conduct a 60 minute virtual sprint for the team in the modules mentioned under "Virtual Sprints".

Following the virtual sprint where the team can experience the content, we will schedule a meeting to discuss how we can collaborate to "Reimagine Resilience" through a customised learning journey for your organisation.

Clients we have served


"Your leadership program was outstanding as all the partners were highly engaged during the entire session. Keep up the great work."

Amanda Davies, Head of Learning, Al Tamimi

"Thank you for the great session. I really like your content and your very engaging facilitation style. I look forward to more sessions."

Zeina Akkawi, Managing Director, PAZ Marketing

"Thank you so much for the informative & educational session. Your positive energy is very infectious. I liked your tips on managing your energy." 

Prem Gopalani, Director, Fortune 5 Investments

Many thanks for a great event. My Colleagues and I were very impressed by the positive vibes and the beautiful proactivity from everyone. Keep it up!

- Michele Wuest, Managing Director, Julius Baer

"Your leadership program made a positive difference to me and the management team."

-Marc Verleyen, CEO, Al Sorayai Group

"Thank you ever so much for the lovely session. I enjoyed your energy and the content. Great job."

Kuntal Rai, Managing Partner, Pallazo Hospitality

"Thanks for the very interactive session. Really enjoyed it. Great case study on culture."

James Raley, Regional Director, PSI

Other facts about me

Hi there. It's so much less formal here. I'm married to Purnima since 1996. She's a fashion jeweller and has her own brand called Panache Fashion Accessories. I'm super proud of her as she's a cancer survivor.

My daughter's name is Eleisha. She's currently studying at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She and I are now learning scuba diving together so that we can experience "Depth therapy" (not that we need any therapy as we get along pretty well).

My morning ritual is meditating, reading and exercising. My favourite books are The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday, The 25 Year Framework by Dan Sullivan and The Mountain is You by Brianna West.

My favourite shows are Superpumped (about Uber) and WeCrashed (about WeWork). I love these shows as both reminded me that "ego is our enemy" and will always lead to our downfall.

My favourite quote is "Be the energy you want to receive".