Anesh’s Book

Most books on productivity and time management preach tactical elements like prioritisation, efficiency and managing to do lists. This book is remerkably different as it focusses on not just the science of achievement but also the art of fulfilment.

Using the analogy of a tree to explain this book, the soil is the 3 gifts of health and energy that propels you to perform in a peak state and avoid burnout. The trunk of the tree is training yourself to feel positive emotions, managing your focus and practicing mindfulness. The fruits of all these actions will be extraordinary productivity that will enable you to put your goals into action and feel fulfilled.

In this book, you’ll learn:

– The Personal Success Ritual for positivity
– Foods that beat stress and increase energy
– Nine Principles of a Healthy Eating
– Improving the quality of your activities through the Productivity Pyramid
– Managing your focus and energy through the power of Ultradian rhythms
– Enemies of productivity
– The 3 kinds of self-sobotage that derails your happiness and fulfillment
– The 80/20 formula of fulfilment
– The 5×11 strategy to improve Will Power
– Slowing your thoughts through meditation
Information does not lead to transformation. Taking action does. For this reason, there’s an action point at the end of every chapter.